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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Hera Syndulla and C1-10P Ally Pack for Imperial Assault

The Rebel Alliance is always looking for more people to join the cause. They don't have the rigid structure and industrial capabilities like the Empire, and so each member of the Rebel Alliance must be extra resourceful and capable. That's certainly the case with Hera Syndulla. And don't forget her droid, C1-10P. You can soon add them to your games of Imperial Assault, as they've got an Ally Pack coming out. Take a look.

From the preview:

The Rebel Alliance needed far more than blasters, fighters, soldiers, and pilots to combat the evil Empire. Those were all vital, of course, to the struggle for galactic freedom, but they were never going to win the war. The rag-tag Rebels were always too heavily outnumbered. Too heavily outgunned.

The Rebellion's hope for victory never lay with its strength of arms, but with its brave leaders and their ability to inspire others to dream and to act. The Rebel Alliance persisted because it fought for a cause that others wanted to support. It persisted because it fought the right fight.

Soon, you'll be able to bring another of these leaders into your games of Imperial Assault. The daughter of an influential Twi'lek general, Hera Syndulla proved herself as a skillful pilot and a clever operative during the Rebellion, but her greatest strength was her leadership. She inspired bravery, nobility, and loyalty in those around her. And you'll find her leadership well represented in the Hera Syndulla and C1-10P Ally Pack, as well as the loyalty she inspired in even the most cantankerous of astromech droids.