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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Hammerhead Corvettes For Star Wars Armada

Normally, you don't want your own ships just crashing into others while fighting in space... or really down on a planet's surface, either. But sometimes it's just what is going to get the job done so your side can win. Entire strategies have been built around such tactics, and soon you'll be able to do that type of thing in Star Wars: Armada using the contents of the Hammerhead Corvettes expansion pack.

From the post:

While your collision will only deal a faceup damage if you ram into your opponent while your Hammerhead has the Garel's Honor Title equipped, you'll find all your Hammerheads oddly well-suited to the sort of straight-forward, head-on approaches that captains of small-base ships should most typically dread.

For starters, both the Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette and the Hammerhead Scout Corvette boast three dice in their forward battery armament, comparing quite favorably to just the single die at either side, with a grand total of zero attack dice in the rear. This doesn't just suggest that the Hammerhead needs to go straight toward its target; it all but mandates that approach.

Likewise, the Hammerhead features twice as many shields on its forward hull zone as it does anywhere else, and while it can turn pretty well at low speeds, it's something of a stubborn ship as it picks up the pace—locking in on its target with little maneuverability to either side.