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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Ghosts of Dathomir Adventure For The Star Wars RPG

Little trinkets. It seems as though a lot of people will go to a lot of trouble to acquire certain little trinkets. I mean, the odd, little statue called Tragic Hope can't be that important of an item, can it? Apparently, several very important individuals think it is. You've got a Hutt crime lord (are there any other kinds of Hutt?), a force-sensitive bounty hunter, and even the Imperial army going after it. It must be worth something, and it'd be best if you and your other adventurers were the ones holding it. That's just what you'll be doing in Ghosts of Dathomir, a new adventure coming for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.

The adventure will take you to The Haunted Lands, an area of Dathomir around a former mining camp that was used by the Nightsisters, a group of force-sensitive witches, for their rituals. Though, as one would expect, a place called The Haunted Lands isn't one you'd really want to go if you didn't have to. The various rituals and regular amounts of death (which the Nightsisters drew power from) that frequented to place have left a lasting pall on the area. The animals living in and around it, already known to be fierce because that's something Dathomir is known for, are especially aggressive. Even something small and unsuspecting that might normally just scurry away from you as you approached might move into attack position and come at you, bro.

Can you get the information you need and get out of The Hunted Lands still intact? It's not going to be easy.