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Fantasy Flight Games Previews General Sorin Villain Pack For Imperial Assault

The attack on Hoth is my favorite part of the Star Wars movies. I love how it shows the coordinated efforts of the Imperials coming up with a battle plan for the attack, adapting it as information comes in, and well... I just love AT-ATs. And certainly, General Veers is the most competent and effective commander shown throughout any of the movies. That part, even more than the destruction of Alderaan, to me, shows why the Empire is something to be reckoned with. Well, we're not getting a General Veers for Imperial Assault, unfortunately. But we are getting General Sorin, who does seem like a pretty good substitute.

Like a good commander, General Sorin is about getting the most out of those around him. He may not be the greatest fighter out there, himself, but he's a "force multiplier" in that your troops shoot more effectively and with greater power when he's there. He works especially well with droids and vehicles and whatever heavy weaponry they can bring to the table. The Rebels aren't going to know what hit them when all that blaster fire starts bombarding their positions.