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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Gameplay in Star Wars: Destiny

One of the bigger announcements recently was Fantasy Flight coming out with a new Star Wars-themed game. People have been wondering how this new game will work. Well, we've got some previous previews that show off what the dice and such look like, and even a bit about what all the symbols mean. This time around, we get into the game round and how it actually works.

In the game, turns are exceedingly quick. Players get a single action on their turn. That can consist of activating a character, allowing you to roll the die/dice assigned to them. However, actually using those dice requires a further action, meaning that (barring special abilities), your opponent will be able to react to your die rolls before you actually use them. Playing cards from your hand also requires an action. So equipping upgrades or playing Event cards will also be your one action for the turn. Don't like what your dice have rolled? Got a hand full of cards you don't feel you'll be able to use? You can also discard cards from your hand to allow you to reroll dice.

As a player's turn goes by so quick, it's never long before you have your own decisions to make in the game. Strategies can change with the roll of a die or the play of a card, so you'll always want to be paying attention.