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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Gameplay in New Angeles

I do love a good negotiating/bluffing game. You know, the kind where you can deceive your opponents into thinking you're trying to work towards one direction, or against certain interests, but you're really doing the exact opposite, having your opponents help you win as much as they think they're keeping you from gaining points. Having looked over this preview for New Angeles, a new board game set in the Android universe from Fantasy Flight Games, I'm thinking this is a game I'd very much enjoy.

In the game, players are in control of one of the megacorporations, with the goal to beat your rival company (which is distributed secretly at the start of the game. If you draw your own card, you have other special win conditions). The thing is, no one corporation can do everything on their own, mega as they might be. If you just run rough-shod over your opponents, they can easily band together to take you down. So you have to be a bit political in your machinations. To everything, there is compromise, plus wheeling and dealing you can participate in. Want a new and very influential hire as part of your company? You'll have to negotiate with the other corporations or they'll possibly be stolen away.

Of course, everyone is looking to gain their own edge, so you'll have to be wary of being played as much as you're looking to play everyone else.