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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Gameplay From Doom Board Game

The forces of Hell are pouring into our world via portals that were opened in a space station on Mars. A stalwart group of Space Marines are the only defense this dimension has to stem the tide. Will you take up the role of one of those defenders? Or will you look to cause Hell on Earth... err... Mars? That's your choice in the upcoming Doom board game from Fantasy Flight Games. In this preview, we get a look at how the gameplay works.

This preview goes over a bit of how missions are set up. There's 12 in the initial box, each with their own objectives for both the Marines players as well as the Invader player. Each also has a unique map, filled with demon portals and teleporters. The demons spawn from the portals, which type depending on what color the portal is. Meanwhile, the teleporters allow the Marines players to respawn at different places around the map, giving them a possible leg-up after they've been taken out. We also get a look at the random activation order in the game. Each of the Marines has a card, while the Invader player gets a couple cards in the deck. Those are shuffled together and drawn from the top to see who gets to activate when. But the Marine player has different abilities that can alter the deck, such as looking at the top cards and choosing to either put them back or moving them to the bottom, or taking one of their cards out and placing it on top, making sure they go first. So it's not entirely the winds of chance that say who will go next.

That's what we get this time around. The Doom board game will be hitting store shelves next month, and I'm sure we'll get another preview or two before then.