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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Gameplay for Cave Troll

Sometimes, just playing the good guys in a game can get old. The same can be said for just playing the bad guys. What if you want to play both the heroes and the monsters? There's not much chance for something like that. However, in Cave Troll, that's just what you get to do. And in today's preview from Fantasy Flight Games, you get to take a look at how it works.

The game, designed by Tom Jolly, pits you and your opponents in a race to collect the most treasure in an ancient dungeon that has just become re-discovered. You must maneuver your heroes around in order to get the best loot and establish areas of control. At the same time, you must break up your opponent's heroes' plans by sending in fearsome monsters. The preview posted gives you a look at an average turn and how that plays out on the game board.