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Fantasy Flight Games previews Fighter Squadrons for Star War Armada

Fantasy Flight Games shows off some more about the upcoming Star Wars Armada game with a look at both the Imperial and Rebel fighter squadrons and some of the special character upgrades you can buy for them.
Still eagerly awaiting this one to get here. I know there's all those delays on the West Coast. I hope that gets worked out (for the benefit of all involved) soon!


From the preview:

In our last two previews of Star Wars™: Armada, we looked at the game’s first capital ships, for both the Imperial Navy and the Rebel Alliance. We looked at how each ship’s different configurations offer it a range of tactical flexibility, as do the many titles and upgrades available in the Core Set and the first wave of expansions.

However, your capital ships are only part of the equation. Your starfighter squadrons can also make a major impact, but you have to use them properly. A good fleet admiral won’t deploy a screen of TIE fighters to perform a job better assigned to TIE bombers, nor use TIE bombers to intercept enemy fighters when TIE interceptors would better perform that task.

In today’s preview, then, we’ll take a look at the eight different fighter squadrons available in the Core Set and first wave of expansions, and we’ll explore some of the ways you may be able to make good use of their different abilities.