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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Evolution Expansion For XCOM

With aliens destroying the cities, shooting down our communication satellites, and even secret human organizations looking to gain power in the chaos, it could seem as though everything we hold dear in this world is doomed. But the elite organization, XCOM, is fighting back on all fronts. What sort of advantages can they bring to battle? That's what we get a view of here in this preview for the Evolution expansion for the XCOM board game from Fantasy Flight Games.


These new assets come for each of the different roles the players take on in the game. For example, the Commander can use an Infiltrator Agent to clear all EXALT tokens off of a particular task. The Central Officer can use the Situation Room to peek at the next two EXALT tokens and give you a chance to prepare for them. In fighting back against the alien invasion, you can employ the MEC Troopers, regular troopers infused with cybernetic tech. All of these and more will make it so the Earth is once again safe for the human race.

You'll be able to pick up your Evolution expansion packs in just a couple days, actually.