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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Echo Base Troopers Pack for Imperial Assault

The past two mornings, I've had to scrape ice off of my car before I commute into the office. These are the first days I've had to do so this season. So it's certainly getting cold out there. Of course, being originally from Chicago, it's no big deal for me. My friends here that have always lived in Atlanta think it's the apocalypse. Heaven forbid they ever did make it out to Hoth. Y'know... if it really existed and all. Anyway, FFG has posted up a preview of the Hoth Trooper Pack for Imperial Assault.

These guys are certainly bundled up for some cold-weather fighting. As always, the set comes with more than just the couple figures. There's extra upgrade cards as well, including a new form of battle suit that can help protect your guys out on the field. Also, since they're used to tromping through snow and other difficult terrain, there's an upgrade card that reduces the penalty for doing so during the game.

The packs are already available for pre-order, so make sure you get yours right when they're released.