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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Disciples of Harmony Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

While blasters and lightsabers are certainly at the forefront of many people's minds when they think about what they want their Star Wars characters to specialize in, some players take a bit of a different approach. They're more interested in letting their words be the main focus. It's not necessarily a passive path, just a different one. For those that like to play such characters, you'll be interested in the upcoming Disciples of Harmony sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG.

From the preview:

Though a Consular knows there are multiple paths to peace, the decision between forging through difficult negotiations or reaching for one's lightsaber is never easy. The role of a Consular is to constantly evaluate the situation at hand and determine the best way to bring about a peaceful resolution. To help attaining this rather nebulous goal, the new Disciples of Harmony sourcebook expands players' choices in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, and also offers Game Masters a wealth of options for adding depth to a campaign.

More than a supplement for Consular career paths and specializations, Disciples of Harmony supplements the core Force and Destiny rulebook with equipment, droids, starships, and adventure possibilities. Every page works to bring new life to the familiar and build your campaign into an adventure as rich as the Star Wars galaxy deserves.

Today's preview includes a look at new gear to help a Consular bring peace as well as an adventure hook designed to utilize their many diplomatic strengths.