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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Deepwood Archers for Runewars

Where you have elves, you're going to have elven archers. It's just one of those things. The Latari elves from Runewars are certainly no different. They'll be getting a Deepwod Archers expansion set soon, and so you can know what you're getting into (whether they're fighting for you or against you), Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview.

From the post:

Whether raining death upon their enemies or providing pin-point accurate covering fire for their allies, the Deepwood Archers stand as a true testament of Latari skill. Their tremendous accuracy allows them a wide variety of tactics on the field of battle, giving them the edge in protecting allies or laying enemies low. As dangers rise in the East, the Deepwood Archers will need every ounce of cunning learned over centuries of refining their skills to defend their home of the Aymhelin and restore peace to the Realm.