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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Deepwood Archers For Runewars

When you think of elves, you think of guys with long hair, pointy ears, and bows and arrows. It's just sort of a thing you expect. Well, in Runewars, the Latari Elves aren't going to disappoint you, as they do have a regiment of guys with long hair, pointy ears, and bows and arrows. They're called the Deepwood Archers and Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview.

From the preview:

Even the Harazan Skirmishers of Al-Kalim and the Sagittarii of Lorimor cannot match the skill of the Deepwood Archers. No other race can spend the time the Latari Elves dedicate to honing their craft, making these warriors the undisputed masters of bow. The careful study of the Deepwood Greatbow is more than just a discipline: it is a way of life. Once committed to the Path of the Arrow, these archers train until their bow is an extension of their hand and their arrow is an extension of their eye. Centuries may seem to pass as swiftly as the seasons, but the Latari archers feel that no amount of time will be enough to completely master their craft.

The Latari Elves arrive as a third faction to your games of Runewars Miniatures Game in the Latari Elves Army Expansion! With a unique hero—Aliana of Summersong—and three distinct units, this expansion is the perfect starting point for building an army of Elves, in combination with the Runewars Miniatures Game Core Set or the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack.

Today, we’ll take the time to preview one of the key units in the Latari Elves army—the Deepwood Archers!