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Fantasy Flight Games previews Deathwatch supplement

Fantasy Flight Games previews The Jerico Reach, a Deathwatch supplement.

From their website:

“Scores of winged creatures are approaching the Hive complex. The larger ones are dropping organic missiles that burst on impact, and they seem to screech as they swoop down. The sound is becoming louder and louder. The screaming, Emperor preserve us, the screaming!"
–Vox recording recovered from Hive Cresson on Castobel

Back in November, we announced the upcoming release of The Jericho Reach, a supplement for Deathwatch that provides in-depth information on the struggles of Kill-teams currently operating throughout the Reach. Each chapter delves into detail on the personalities, planets, and themes of a specific salient, while providing players and Game Masters alike with important resources for integrating the setting more deeply into their campaigns.

In our first preview, we looked at the Acheros Salient, where the Battle-Brothers of the Deathwatch wage a bloody war against the Chaos-worshipping forces of Stigmartus. Next, we explored the Canis Salient and the Deathwatch’s struggle against the Tau. Today, we’ll turn our attention to the Orpheus Salient. Once the greatest accomplishment of the Achilus Crusade, this troubled sector has since languished beneath the looming shadow of Hive Fleet Dagon. Now, only the direct intervention of the Deathwatch on a few key remaining worlds can ensure a continued Imperial foothold.

Terrifying evolution

Initial contact with the Tyranid foe suggested that the xenos forces were little more than a minor splinter fleet. But over the years since first contact, the Tyranid menace has shown few signs of abating, instead advancing inexorably into the Jericho Reach. This relentless swarm continues to grow, as each new triumph expands its available bio-mass. The stalwart vigilance of the Deathwatch in concert with the near-boundless sacrifices of the Achilus Crusade has blunted the pace of the xenos advance, but the tide has not yet turned. The size of Hive Fleet Dagon is so far undetermined, but one thing is certain: the forces of the Crusade and the Deathwatch are struggling to compete.

Throughout the Hive Fleet’s advance, it has continuously evolved new creatures and tactics. Several Tyranid variant strains have been observed within Hive Fleet Dagon that are believed to be completely novel, and of these, a few have even generated legends and lore among the Imperial forces that oppose them. The Dagon Overlord, for example, is a terrifying monster known for its malicious streak and its ability to drive lesser Tyranid strains to an even more hideous fervour than is typically observed. Meanwhile, the fearsome and solitary Mist Reaper is a variant of the Lictor strain with the uncanny ability to infiltrate deep into civilian areas, beyond the reach of Imperial security measures.

For more on Hive Fleet Dagon, we’re pleased to present a downloadable preview of the winged and serpentine Harpy, a massive flying terror capable of raining death onto an unsuspecting Kill-team. Learn what you will about this formidable foe, but beware: by the time you hear its telltale screams, you’re probably too late.

The Harpy