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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Death Cavalry For Runewars

Even the dead hate to simply walk their way into battle. And what's a horse to do after it's been put out to pasture and, well... passed? Their glory days can be relived during the nightmare life of an undead cavalry horse. That's just what will be galloping their way to Runewars tabletops soon. Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview.

From the post:

Among of the most renowned and feared of the forces of Waiqar the Undying are the infamous Death Knights—a unit of undead veteran warriors mounted upon vampiric steeds born from the Mistlands. Death Knights are dangerous foes of the living, their tormented spirits overcome with an intense jealousy for the free will of mortals. To many Death Knights, the act of slaughter is more than just obeying orders—it is the only way they can express their hatred for those not cursed with undeath.

Before you unleash your deadly forces upon the world of Terrinoth, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the Death Knights Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!