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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

With the decidedly underhanded way that the Emperor took control of the Galactic Senate and put himself in control, it was pretty much inevitable that there would be those opposed to his rule. Thus began the Galactic Civil War, with the Rebellion steadily growing to face against the Imperial Forces. It's this initial founding of the Rebellion that this new sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG focuses on. It's called Dawn of Rebellion.

From the announcement:

They promised eternal peace. They proclaimed the Jedi dead, and with them, their theocratic control of a civilization. They promised the galaxy. As this new order takes hold, it's only now that the citizens of this galaxy watch as its forceful grip squeezes tight around the stars, and threatens to strangle the very life from them.

For many though, especially those in the Core Worlds, the Empire has delivered on their promises. The stability, security, and prosperity they enjoy far surpasses any time of peace in living memory. For them, the struggle to eradicate the Rebellion, the brutally harsh penalties for criminals, and the Inquisition of those with Force abilities are well beyond arm’s length. But the galaxy is a big place, and sometimes strife simmers just below the surface.

Dawn of Rebellion is a new sourcebook coming soon for the Star Wars™ Roleplaying Game and provides players and gamemasters with a wealth of information on life in a galaxy under the newly-formed Empire. The Rebellion still sits in its infancy, barely more than a whisper on the lips of a brave few, and most citizens were resigned to try and make a new way for themselves in this New Order. It is this specific, and precarious setting, that the new Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook takes place, which we will examine closely in today's preview.