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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Darnati Warriors For Runewars

The Flesh Rippers aren't the only new units coming for Runewars from Fantasy Flight. The elves are getting a new unit, too. They're the Darnati Warriors and they show that Elves don't just hit from afar, but can run on up into combat and start swinging like everyone else.

From the post:

The realm of Terrinoth falls into conflict and war in Runewars Minatures Game! In this rank-and-file game of fantasy warfare, four powerful factions call the banners and take to the battlefield. Only one can strike down their enemies to claim control of the land, but the peoples of Terrinoth are proud, and none will surrender without a fight.

Located in the westernmost reaches of the Aymhelin forest, the Darnati Highlands are home to some of the fiercest Elves in Terrinoth. Scars of moonstone run through the sheer cliff faces, reflecting the sun’s light with an ethereal glow. Artisans transform this precious material into the wondrous weapons wielded by the Elves' most elite swordsmen, the Darnati Warriors. These monks are the most feared warriors in Mennara, keeping constant vigil over the Aymhelin.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games offers you a closer look at the secretive order of the Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!