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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Commands In Runewars

Last year, Fantasy Flight Games announced Runewars, their new rank-and-file fantasy miniatures game based on their Terrinoth world, previously seen in Runebound. The system is a mix of various other games they have, including the X-Wing Miniatures Game, giving you a pair of Command Dials that you will use to give your various units. In this preview, we get a look at how that will work, exactly.

From the preview:

In Runewars Miniatures Game, your command tools are the most important asset that you have at your disposal. Every unit has a completely unique command tool, and by setting its dials, you’ll determine exactly how your units act, whether they’re launching arrows, incanting powerful magics, or spurring their horses into a crushing cavalry charge.

Every command tool is composed of two dials. The dial on the left is the action dial, and the dial on the right is the modifier dial. As you can see above, the action dial features a variety of symbols.