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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Combat in Star Wars: Rebellion

So far the previews for Star Wars: Rebellion have focused on the individual characters that are in the game. You've got Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, and the Emperor all going around the galaxy, completing missions of various kinds in order to achieve ultimate victory. But Star Wars also includes several battles on very large scales, involving hundreds or thousands of people and masses of equipment. How are those handled in Rebellion? Well, it's that which we get a look at in this preview.

As one would expect, the battles are broken up into Space and Ground settings. Battles only happen when both players have figures in the same setting. If you have them only in one while your opponent has them in both (or vice-versa), then you automatically lose the battle where you don't have forces (which makes perfect sense). After battle has started, if there's no Leader present for either side, they can take one from their Leader Pool and add it to the system (if one is available). Players then draw Tactic Cards based on the Leadership value of their Leader present (no Leader or no Leadership Value = No cards for you! Come back 1 year!). These cards have different nasty tricks and tactics you can potentially employ during the combat, though some of the more powerful ones require you to roll a certain symbol on the dice before they can be utilized. The units you have present determine the number and types of dice that you add to your combat pool. The dice are rolled and damage is assigned. However, before the damage is resolved, the defending player gets to roll their dice as well, potentially harming enemy units in the process. They can also play Tactics cards that could alter the damage done to them. The process for the defender is the same as the attacker, creating a pool of dice based on what units are present, then rolling to see what sort of damage is done, then assigning that damage.

It's a fairly simple and straight-forward system, from the looks of it, letting you resolve multiple battles fairly quickly through a single-die-roll system (for each side) with the Tactics cards adding in a way to modify the random results generated from the dice.