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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Combat in Star Wars: Legion

So, you've got your Stormtroopers and your Biker Scouts and your Darth Vader and you've hit the table... what next? It's called Star WARS, after all. There's going to be combat involved. But how will all that work in Fantasy Flight Games' upcoming Star Wars: Legion game? Glad you asked, because they've posted up a preview to let us know.

From the post:

The Galactic Civil War rages on countless worlds across the galaxy. Although it is a war fought between institutions—the monolithic Empire and the scrappy, ragtag forces of the Rebel Alliance—the battles are won by men and women on the ground. In Star Wars™: Legion, the new miniatures game of cinematic Star Wars ground battles, you have the chance to play out all of your favorite battles as you lead Imperial or Rebel forces into battle.

In our previous previews, we’ve already seen an interview with designer Alex Davy and explored the challenging command system that aptly simulates the fog of war and chaos that attend any battle. Most recently, we also looked at the fast and organic way that Star Wars: Legion allows you to move your miniatures across the battlefield and into position. Still, maneuvering is often worthless if you can’t use your new position to destroy your opponent’s army—and today, we turn our attention to combat in Star Wars: Legion!