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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Combat in Runewars

Well, we know how you move your figures into combat with each other in Runewars, but what about once you actually get there? How is combat figured out? Flip a coin? Rock, Paper, Scissors? Tickle contest? Apparently, it's none of those. What it is is previewed in this article they posted.

From the post:

Once your units have maneuvered into position, you’ll be ready to attack your opponent’s units, whether you’re drawing swords and entering the frantic scrum of melee combat or striking from afar with arrows or magic. Every attack can slay enemy figures and every unit you destroy is worth victory points at the end of the game, along with the objectives you complete. (We’ll take a closer look at objectives in our next preview.)

Waging war is no easy business, however, and dozens of figures will die on both sides before your battle is done. You’ll kill enemy figures by making attacks, but your units won’t simply seize any opportunity to attack—instead, you must prepare your attacks by plotting a melee or ranged attack on your command tool.