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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Combat in Legend of the Five Rings

The relaunch of the Legend of the Five Rings game is coming in just a couple months (yes, Gen Con is just a couple months away). It's a place for new players to jump into the game. As such, Fantasy Flight is giving us previews of the game mechanics as we get closer to that launch day. In this article, they look at how conflicts are played out in the game.

From the post:

There comes a time when the planning and politicking of those who serve the Emperor reaches a boiling point, and conflict is unavoidable. When this time comes, military battles and political intrigue reign supreme, and the future of Rokugan can be decided by a flash of steel or the slip of a tongue. The fate of the clans rests on the outcome of these conflicts, and each must be well prepared for the challenges that face them.

Today, we’re looking at the conflict, fate, and regroup phases of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. These phases make up the end of a round of Legend of the Five Rings—to see how each round begins, check out last week's article here.