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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Combat in Fallout Board Game

Out in the wasteland, resources are scarce. Those that you come across, you're going to have to fight to keep. And, let's face it, you don't have the awesome, godlike abilities of The Final Pam. You're going to have to go at this the hard way. In this preview of the upcoming Fallout board game from Fantasy Flight, they show just how combat will work out in those irradiated dunes.

From the post:

The Wasteland is an exciting place, full of possibility. Between exploring, questing, and looting in Fallout: The Board Game, it’s hard to imagine there’ll be time for anything else, but you’re not the only one trying to survive out there. In your wanderings, you’ll encounter all kinds of tough and aggressive enemies, and we’re here to help prepare you to meet them and beat them!

As you traverse the wasteland, you’ll run into all sorts of Critters, Humanoids, Robots, Super Mutants, and Monsters. We feel compelled to warn you that the pre-war ritual of gently offering your hand for unfamiliar creatures to sniff and get to know you probably won’t work with these ones. As an alternative, we recommend a lethal weapon applied liberally to the face. But before you run in with guns blazing, let’s look at the six traits you’ll need to be prepared to face as you take on the vicious beasts