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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Character Creation in Legacy of Dragonholt

In a previous preview for Legacy of Dragonholt, there was a bit of discussion about "is this an RPG or not?" and no, it really isn't, but there's so many elements that really feel like it is. In this preview, we get a look at Character Creation. And, yeah, it really does feel like some RPG character creations I've seen.

From the post:

A good character is the foundation of a good story. Legacy of Dragonholt, the new narrative adventure game for one to six players, transports players to a village in the realm of Terrinoth that they are free to explore however they choose as well as offering six unique quests to embark on. But before you take on your first quest, or even enter the village, Legacy of Dragonholt presents players with one of the most intriguing questions in gaming: who will you become? Before you jump into your first adventure, you will need to create the hero who will portray you throughout your adventures in the Runebound universe.

Learn about the process and accompany us today as we create our own unique character who will explore Dragonholt in our stead!