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Fantasy Flight Games previews Character Cards from upcoming Relic: Halls of Terra expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has begun taking pre-orders for their Relic: Halls of Terra expansion. They've showed off various bits of what you get in the box, but what about what could be the most important of all, the Characters? Well, this preview has that covered. Whether you're trying to save the Empire by using the Imperial Fists Terminator, the Sister Hospitaller, or House Belisarius Navigator, or trying to crush it as Abraxis Synethi, you can see what sort of special abilities you will possess. All of the character cards can be checked out below the cut.

From the preview:

Relic charges you with a heroic quest: to save the Antian Sector’s untold billions from heresy and Chaos. In Halls of Terra, you have the chance to undertake that quest as a mighty champion, endorsed by the Emperor himself. Yet only the most stalwart and intrepid heroes can conquer Terra’s capricious nobility and ruthless Adepts as well as the Antian Sector’s daemons and xenos.

Today’s preview features three characters introduced in Halls of Terra who can take on any threat in the galaxy, from machinating politicians to Orks on the rampage. It also introduces a new nemesis from one of Chaos’ mightiest armies.