Fantasy Flight Games Previews Champions of the Force in Empire at War

When talking about the Star Wars universe, a thing that really sets it apart from some other sci-fi universes is the Force. It’s the magical, mystical … umm… force… caused by bacteria or something… (man, the Prequels really kicked the lore right in the junk, didn’t it?). Anyway, Force-users tend to get a lot of the spotlight, and that holds true for the various games based on the setting. Star Wars: Destiny is no different. Check out the new champions coming in the Empire at War expansion.

From the preview:

Today we’re previewing the Blue heroes and villains of Empire at War, the newest set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny. As characters with a connection to the force, these cards specialize in manipulating dice to get the results you need to bring your enemies to bear.