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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Champions of the Force in Empire at War

When talking about the Star Wars universe, a thing that really sets it apart from some other sci-fi universes is the Force. It's the magical, mystical ... umm... force... caused by bacteria or something... (man, the Prequels really kicked the lore right in the junk, didn't it?). Anyway, Force-users tend to get a lot of the spotlight, and that holds true for the various games based on the setting. Star Wars: Destiny is no different. Check out the new champions coming in the Empire at War expansion.

From the preview:

Today we're previewing the Blue heroes and villains of Empire at War, the newest set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny. As characters with a connection to the force, these cards specialize in manipulating dice to get the results you need to bring your enemies to bear.