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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Captain Terro For Imperial Assault

You know, I'm not really sure that a dewback really looks like all that great a way to get around a desert area. They aren't all that fast. They don't look that comfortable to ride (you think you get bow-legged riding a horse). And I bet they eat a lot. But, hey, who am I to question how the Empire chooses to have their troopers get around? And soon you'll have your own dewback-riding trooper for your games of Imperial Assault.


This set comes with cards to use the figure either as a Dewback Trooper or Captain Terro. The regular Dewback trooper has a shock lance, pretty good health, and since he's riding his faithful steed, can get some extra movement. Captain Terro also gets that extra movement, but changes out the lance for a flamethrower. He also has a bit more health, but is also a bit more expensive to play (as you'd expect). As usual, this set also has extra cards to enhance your game. One can have a dewback rider show up from out of nowhere. Another lets you give a flamethrower to one of your figures. Pretty handy. Keep you nice and warm on those cold, Tattooine nights.