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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Blue Villains from Spirit of Rebellion

Power has a tendency to corrupt those with it. If you are a Force-user and you succumb to corruption, you're on a train headed right to the Dark Side. But hey, shooting lightning out of your hands is pretty cool, if you ask me. I'd do it, if I could. Anyway, Spirit of Rebellion for Star Wars: Destiny will expand the options for Dark Side players to add some Force-users and Force powers to their decks.

From the preview:

Followers of the Dark Side know no limits in their quest for greed, ambition, and power. Those who would use the Force for dark gains will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, and seek to dim the Spirit of Rebellion across the galaxy for their own selfish desires.

Today, we’re looking at the Blue Villains in Spirit of Rebellion, the newest booster set for Star Wars™: Destiny. These followers of the Force use the Darkside to pursue power at any cost, trading health and even their allies for powerful, consistent effects.