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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Blue Cards From Legacies Expansion of Star Wars: Destiny

The Force is something that sets the Star Wars universe apart from other sci-fi settings. Those that are strong in the Force can perform many great feats. They're some of the most iconic characters in the series. In Star Wars: Destiny, those characters, their gear, and abilities are represented by blue coloring. In this preview, get a look at some of the blue cards coming in the Legacies expansion.

From the post:

Though the history of the galaxy has seen many different factions in power, the legacy of the Force has remained constant; a balance between the light and the dark, a living entity that guides and binds. And through it all, powerful characters have harnessed these powers for good or evil.

Today we’re previewing the Blue cards found in Star Wars™: Destiny Legacies. These heroes and villains exemplify the legacy of the Force with powerful abilities and dice to overwhelm any foe.