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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Beyond the Threshold Expansion for Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness 2nd edition will soon be getting their first full game expansion. They've had some bits that simply bring 1st edition things to the new version, but this one's got some all-new content for you. If you want to greatly expand your Mansions experience, you'll be wanting to check this out, as there's plenty of new items to help you go crazy.


What sort of materials can you be getting? Well, there's two new investigators that haven't been in the game before. Beyond that, there's a set of Thralls that will happily attack your sanity. Add to that, there's new double-sided game tiles. Just don't get too used to where you initially place them. You sometimes felt that the mansion, itself, was alive. Now that will actually come into play as those tiles move all around the map. There's also a new mechanic in the form of key tiles. Keys to what? Well, you'll just have to find them to figure it out. Will it be the savior of your game or cause brain-melt? Not-knowing is half the fun.

The Beyond the Threshold set will be available early next year, but there will be a new DLC scenario for the game available sometime mid-December.