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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Armies of the Daqan Lords For Runewars

The release of Runewars gets ever closer. Some of you already have your pre-orders in. (I'm sensing a trend here this morning...) Well, what will you be getting? Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview of the Armies of the Daqan Lords (I.E. - "the good guys") that will be in the starter set.

From the post:

Beyond the rare plowed fields, decaying roads, and remote walled towns of Terrinoth rise the ruined monuments of the past. The extravagant edifices of the Soulstone Dynasty and older regimes, laid waste by forgotten devastation, stretch their crumbling towers up above the grasping vines and lowering trees, even as they are reclaimed by the wild. This is the realm of the Daqan Lords.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming the general of a fantasy army and leading warriors into battle, Runewars Miniatures Game puts you in total command. Our previous previews have explored the the command tools, movement, combat, and your objectives, but we have not yet taken a closer look at the two factions included within the Core Set—the armies of the Daqan Lords and the revenant legions of Waiqar the Undying. Today, we join the Daqan Lords and explore what their units can bring to bear against your foes.