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Fantasy Flight Games Previews ARC-170 for X-Wing

"Waste not. Want not." The Rebel Alliance certainly does their best to not waste resources. They really can't afford to, as they've gotta be sneaky in their war against the Empire. That includes finding old ships and updating them. Such is the case with the ARC-170, which will soon be coming to your tabletops for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. We also get a preview of it today.


The ARC-170 is a very rugged, though not very maneuverable ship, much like the Y-Wing that came much later. However, the ARC-170 has something that the Y-Wing lacks in the form of a tail gunner. With the help of some Rebel retrofits, both the ARC's front and rear-firing shots get a bit more deadly. Adding in a Tail Gunner crew member will increase its effectiveness even more. Then, with some skilled pilots behind the flight sticks, these fighters can really do some damage to enemy formations.