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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Ancient Ones From The Dreamlands

You know, when you're an Ancient One, I guess you've got a lot of time on your... err... tentacles... claws... whatevers. As such, I guess it seems only natural that you'd mess with Earth and the inhabitants of it. However, most Earthlings don't really like their brain melted into insanity. So there's always those pesky investigators looking to stop your plans. We've seen some of the new Investigators coming in The Dreamlands, a new expansion for Eldritch Horror. This time around, we get a look at the Elder Ones you'll be fighting against.


The Dreamlands gives you another new location for your characters to end up. Namely, the Dreamlands, themselves. There, you can encounter such characters as the dreamer Randolph Carter and King Kuranes. Granted, those are fine to talk to. The ones you want to stay away from are Atlach-Nacha, the Dreamweaver, and Hypnos. Probably best to dream yourself away from those fellas and leave 'em to Freddy.