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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Alliance Rangers For Imperial Assault

The ability to disrupt enemy actions via well-placed firepower is crucial in winning a conflict. The Rebel Alliance knows that they're outnumbered and running behind the Empire in terms of technology, but they make up for it in dedication and training. And Alliance Rangers are able to increase the odds of winning by taking out enemy officers or other linchpin parts of the enemy. Soon, you'll be able to add these force multiplier figures to your games of Imperial Assault.


Alliance Rangers are great at taking our crucial enemy pieces while staying hidden. In fact, if they defeat an enemy while they have cover, they automatically become Hidden in the game. Rather handy for avoiding return fire. They're also highly trained ranged combat experts. As such, if they target an enemy more than 5 spaces away, they get a reroll on their attack. All the better for making sure you get that kill and can then hide. The extra cards that come along with the pack also increase their presence on the battlefield, letting your characters heal, remove enemy defense dice, or allow you to interrupt your opponent's movements.