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Fantasy Flight Games previews Adventures in an Age of Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look inside the Age of Rebellion core book for the Star Wars RPG in this new article.

Age of Rebellion


From the post:

To kick off your adventures within the Age of Rebellion, the Core Rulebook contains the full-length, three-act adventure, Perlemian Haul. In it, you and your teammates must infiltrate an Imperial convoy and secure the cargo stored aboard one of its freighters, the Perlemian Haul.

Your task will challenge you and your fellow Rebels to navigate your way through space stations, Imperial heavy freighters, navy troopers, patrol droids, dozens of TIEs, and other hazards. If you fail, you’ll become yet another of the Rebellion’s unsung martyrs, but if you succeed, you’ll be celebrated and given the opportunity to participate in more sensitive missions. More importantly, though, you’ll have done your part to topple the evil Empire.