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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Admiral Raddus For Star Wars: Armada

The Profundity expansion for Star Wars: Armada gives Rebel players access to Admiral Raddus, the Mon Calamarian in charge of the ships at the end of Rogue One. But how will he affect your fleets? In this preview, you get a look at what Raddus brings to the table, along with some of the other new pieces coming in the set.

From the post:
At the climax of Rogue One, three storylines are playing out simultaneously. One chronicles Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor’s heroic infiltration of the Imperial installation. The second follows their Rebel comrades as they wreak havoc outside the base, creating chaos and buying Jyn and Cassian the time they need to succeed. And the final storyline follows the Rebel fleet, providing orbital support and a chance to receive the transmission of the vital Death Star plans.

Those Rebel starships in orbit are under the command of Admiral Raddus—who’s coming soon to Star Wars™: Armada in the Profundity Expansion Pack. Today, guest writer Chris Fritz shares his thoughts on making Raddus shine in your Rebel fleet!