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Fantasy Flight Games Posts XCOM Expansion Preview

Aliens are invading. That's bad enough. You've got humanity on the bring of hysterics as UFOs circle the planet, attacking wherever defenses are the weakest, resources being rather scarce. But now, the XCOM teams have more things to deal with. Never underestimate a group of people looking for any advantage in order to put forth their own agendas during a time of crisis. That's just what we've got in the Evolution expansion for the XCOM board game.


XCOM's forces have grown in the 3 months since the start of the alien attack. Much has been learned and new defenses are being created daily. But now a new threat presents itself. A shadowy organization called EXALT has started attacking XCOM teams. No longer is it just "humanity vs. aliens." A new front has opened in this war. This takes the form of two new invasion plans that the game can run through, both of them adding in new dangers and problems. Then there's the yellow damage cards. Before, when your base was hit and went to the yellow squares, it was just damage. Now, each one forces you to draw a card from the damage deck which will impact each of the roles by taking away resources. If you thought the game was too easy, you'll want to try out this new form.