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Fantasy Flight Games posts up Dust coverage from GenCon

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a video of what they had going on while at GenCon.

From the website:

Gen Con Indy 2012 may be over, but the dust has yet to settle! Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare had an amazing show, with spoilers of exciting upcoming miniatures, packed demo tables, and tense championship tournaments. Today, we’re pleased to present a video overview of Dust’s spectacular presence at the best four days in gaming.

Two years ago at Gen Con 2010, we debuted Dust Tactics, the pulse-pounding miniatures board game of explosive battlefield combat. The war has only heated up since; Dust Warfare hit stores earlier this year, bringing the battle from the board to the tabletop. Then, the Sino-Soviet Union joined the fight, becoming a fully playable faction capable of matching the Axis and Allies in every way.