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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Star Wars: Legion Interview With Designer Alex Davy

I know a lot of you out there are excited about the prospect of playing a miniatures wargame in the Star Wars universe. Well, we know that Star Wars: Legion is coming from Fantasy Flight. We've had some previews of the game, but what was it like for the designers of the game? What did they take into account when coming up with the games' rules? In this interview with designer Alex Davy, some of your questions will be answered.

From the article:

From flashes of blaster fire in a pristine hallway or a verdant forest to the unmistakable sound of a lightsaber igniting, the battles of the Star Wars saga are one of the most iconic parts of the series. Now, Star Wars™: Legion invites you to bring the infantry battles and unseen skirmishes of the classic trilogy to your tabletop in a miniatures game. More than any other game, Star Wars: Legion invites you to get your boots on the ground in the Galactic Civil War, commanding your troops alongside your favorite heroes and villains.

We’ll have a comprehensive series of previews exploring every aspect of the game in coming weeks, but today, we begin our previews by talking to Alex Davy—the designer of Star Wars: Legion. You can pre-order your own copy of Star Wars: Legion at your local retailer or online through our website today!