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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Rules For Android: Mainframe

I love cyberpunk.
Neuromancer and Snow Crash are two of my favorite books.
Bladerunner is a favorite movie (even if they don't really go into the 'net in the movie, the overall ambiance is very cyberpunk). I even love Lawnmower Man.
As such, when NetRunner originally came out, I dove in head-first. I still have my original decks. My only regret with the new release is that I can't play more often. Well, Fantasy Flight has more products coming out for their Android world (where they set NetRunner in its latest incarnation). The next one being Android: Mainframe. It's due out soon, and they've posted up the rules and some info about what you can expect inside in this new preview.


The game is an abstract strategy game where players are looking to create nodes and access points by placing bars on a gridded board. The different programs the Runners can use mean different ways players can play partitions on the board. The various options available to the different Runners can make a very different game, just depending on who you've chosen.

The game's just over a week from release, but you can check out the full rules now.