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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Preview From New Edition of Hoax

Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with a new edition of Hoax. No, that's not a lie. Nor is the rest of this post. Ok, maybe the part about my Lottery winnings and legions of adoring fans. Those might be a hoax. But the part about a new edition of Hoax is real.

In the game, players take on the role of various members of a treacherous family, each out to get the whole of the Hector Vargas fortune for themselves. You must lie, cheat, and steal you way to victory. But you can't be caught! Being caught in a lie means you're out. However, if someone accuses you of a lie and you were telling the truth, you win! So you must lie creatively, in a way that you get what you want, but then sneak in there with a truth just when you think you've gone too far.