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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Preview From Forged In Battle For Star Wars RPG

Star Wars is all about conflict. It's sort of, y'know, right there in the name. It's not Star Peaceful Talks Next To A Fireplace, after all. Nearly countless soldiers fought for the Rebel side, looking to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire. If you'd like to be one of those soldiers, you'll want to pick up the Forged in Battle supplement coming out for the Star Wars RPG. We get a preview of that book today.

What sort of things can you expect in the book? Well, there's plenty to make your character a lean, mean Empire-fightin' machine. Whether you want to be part of the first wave of troops to hit the beach as a Trailblazer, or part of the main push of the Rebel's forces as one of the Vanguard, or a strong-point on the field as a Heavy, you have new options available to you in terms of specializations.

And though the book is set during the Age of Rebellion section of the game, it could just as easily be used in Force and Destiny or Edge of the Empire as well.