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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New X-Wing Previews

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that Wave 10 for the X-Wing Miniatures Game just got a little bigger. Two new ships are being added. They're the U-Wing and the TIE Striker. Haven't heard of them before? You will, as they're going to be in the Rogue One movie.

So, what do we know about these ships? Well, not too much yet. We know the U-Wing is a transport, which is reflected by its large size and multiple crew upgrade slots. It also has a new type of upgrade. It's dual-sided, letting you flip back and forth between the two as you execute maneuvers. Meanwhile, the TIE Striker is mostly used for atmospheric attacks. With upgrades like Adaptive Ailerons (don't ask me how they work in space. I don't know), your ship must (pretty strong language there) make a 1-speed maneuver after they finish moving. Very handy, but definitely something that'll take some getting used to on the tabletop.