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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Preview Of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

Well, the big news from yesterday was Fantasy Flight Games adding a bit to the Year of New Editions by telling us that they're coming out with a new edition of Mansions of Madness. And while there was a 3-question FAQ at the bottom of the preview, a lot of you had a lot more questions, I'm sure. Well, Fantasy Flight has put out a new preview that will hopefully answer some of those by letting you know what you can expect.

This particular preview is a bit more for the people out there who haven't actually played Mansions of Madness before. You get a look at what a character sheet looks like, with your health and sanity scores, plus some of the skills. There's also a bit about how the game works, in general. So if you've always heard of this game, but never really knew what it was about, and maybe want to take this new edition as a great jumping-on point, you'll get some good info out of this one.