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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Preview From Fully Operational Star Wars Sourcebook

I love to take things apart and put them back together (or, try to put them back together, anyway). There are just some people who love to tinker with gadgets and try and come up with something better, or aren't willing to just throw things out and would rather fix them. For those that want their Star Wars RPG character to do that type of thing, they're in luck. The Fully Operational sourcebook is filled with ways your character can tinker and craft new objects. Fantasy Flight Games has a new preview of the inner workings of how that'll work.

From the post:

Millennia of engineering has built the entire galactic civilization. Without it, beings would toil and strive on their native worlds, oblivious to all those oblivious to them in turn. And without their thousands upon thousands of Engineers, the Rebel Alliance would never be able to oppose the Galactic Empire’s brutal dominance. Engineers develop, build, and maintain every physical tool of the Alliance’s struggle, from the humble datapad to the impressive Home One.

Fully Operational, the next sourcebook arriving for Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion™, brings with it a host of new species, talent specializations, equipment, and game systems to help build out the critical role of the Engineer.