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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Preview for Cities In Ruin Expansion for Eldritch Horro

Most of the time when you think about Cthulean horrors, you think of skulking around in the dark, or looking through a no-often-used part of an old, dusty library, or maybe a small, New England town in the fog. It's normally not about whole cities being wiped off the map. But that's what'll be happening in Cities in Ruin, a new expansion coming for Eldritch Horror. Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look inside this upcoming release.

From the preview:

So that’s it then. The city is just gone. Just like that. One moment it was there, and then that horrible rending and screeching ran through the air like a siren, the sky opened up and bled... You can’t yet face the memory of those horrors. No one should have seen what you have witnessed. You force yourself to the top of a ridge of rubble and survey the wreckage below. As you look down, you realize that there are dozens of grubby, confused faces gazing up at you. Shaking the fog from your mind, you start to clamber down the hillside towards the dazed survivors. There has to be a way to put a stop to this, and these poor people just might have some answers.

The world is gripped by disastrous weather patterns and the ground quakes as Shudde M’ell, the Cataclysm from Below, begins to wake from is slumber. In Cities in Ruin, the newest expansion for Eldritch Horror, the Ancient One’s dreams rend reality as its slumbering form thrashes about, wreaking havoc on the world of man. In our last preview, we looked at how the new Disaster cards can level a city. So, what is left for the investigators when these former havens are laid low by disaster and invaded by cthonian monstrosities?