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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New No Disintegrations Preview

I know of several people eagerly awaiting the release of No Disintegrations from Fantasy Flight Games. They've always been huge Boba Fett fans and so are eagerly awaiting more options for the bounty hunter characters they play in the Star Wars RPG. But players aren't the only ones getting new things. GMs will have new guidance in running their campaign with a hunter/prey angle on them.

From the preview:

No Disintegrations also provides players and GMs with a framework for what it means to be the hired enforcers of a dangerous galaxy. This focuses around player choice, and prompting the Bounty Hunter players to make some important decisions regarding the business of hunting sentients. Is the character a member of a guild, or are they freelance? Guild members may have an easier time finding and taking on new contracts, but their superiors are always going to want a cut of the reward.