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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Imperial Raider Preview

The new Imperial Raider ship for the X-Wing Miniatures Game is due to hit shelves next week. Some of you who went to Gen Con already have one of these ships. So you may already have tried out the new missions and seen the new Title cards that come in the box. But for the rest of us (I wasn't able to get one of the ships. Just too busy to get to stop by and do some shopping at the FFG booth. The line was always so long!), let's see a last preview of what you can expect to get inside.

The Imperial Raider pack doesn't just come with a single mission you can use your new ship in, but a whole campaign. They represent the Imperials looking to test out a new TIE Advanced variant out in free space and the Rebels trying to either destroy or steal away the secrets of this new ship. As you play, if you reach certain goals in a game, you can even get bonuses to use in the next mission. So it helps give a new feeling to the game besides just the usual dogfights of the standard game.

Imperial Raiders should be hitting shelves of gaming stores next week.